Trion Elementary School is a public school located in the northwestern corner of Georgia.  Trion is a small town with a population of approximately 1,827 people (according to 2010 census).  The school is located at 919 Allgood Street, Trion, Georgia. 

Trion Elementary has a reputation for consistently exceeding local, state, and national standards.  Led by Principal Beth Pelham and AP Christian Brock, the elementary school consists of approximately 47 teachers, 22 paraprofessionals, and approximately 695 students.

Accomplishments and Awards include:

* 2023 Title I Distinguished School
* 2016 Title I Reward School
* 2015 Title I Reward School
* 2014 Title I Reward School - Highest Performance 
* 2013 Title I Reward District 
* 2013 Title I Reward School - Highest Performance 
* 2012 Title I Reward School - Highest Performance
* 2012 Georgia School of Excellence
* 2011 Title I Distinguished School
* 2011 National Blue Ribbon School

Beth and Christian